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An Exciting & Positive New Era for Qioptiq

Company announces new Chairman & CEO, the rebranding of
subsidiary companies under one brand, a new visual identity
and strong results for 2009

San Francisco, January 26, 2010

Qioptiq, a global company that designs and manufactures photonic
products and solutions, today announced a number of changes that
herald the start of an exciting new era.

New Chairman and CEO: As previously announced on January 8, 2010,
Fredrik Arp has taken the helm of Qioptiq as its Chairman and CEO.
Mr Arp has held senior executive positions in large global companies for
the last 20 years, most recently as CEO and president of the Volvo Car
Corporation (2005—2008).

“Qioptiq is an impressive and well-positioned company in an industry
that I believe is set to enjoy notable growth in the next decade,” said
Fredrik Arp, “Though I have just begun my work here, I can already see
that Qioptiq has the people, the manufacturing abilities and the overall
‘know-how’ and experience to be a global frontrunner and cutting-edge
innovator in this industry. I look forward to leading Qioptiq into the future.”

New logo and visual identity: Visitors to the company’s booth at SPIE Photonics
West in San Francisco will be the first to see one of the most noticeable changes
for Qioptiq: a new logo and style. Indeed, to serve its customers better, with an
even broader range of products and services in an even wider selection of
countries, Qioptiq’s 2,300 employees across North America, Europe and Asia
will now be working even more closely together, under one single name and
brand. The new visual identity will be progressively rolled out in all of the
group’s business units across 2010.

LINOS (acquired by Qioptiq in 2007) and Point Source (acquired by Qioptiq
in 2008), and which are currently operating under their own names and logos,
will also be changing their names and logos to come together under the
new Qioptiq brand.

“This rebranding project is just part of a set of broader efforts to better serve
our customers and make it easier to do business with us,” said John Lowe,
General Counsel and Director of Communication for Qioptiq, “We are also
going to be able to reduce some of our costs because we’ll have only one
brand to support instead of several.”

Brochures and leaflets will be changed into the new look progressively over
the course of the year.  Qioptiq’s now-separate websites, including those of
LINOS and Point Source, will become one global website via a major overhaul
not just to reflect the new style, but more importantly to make it easier for
site visitors to find what they are seeking.

Finally, the company announced today strong numbers in a challenging
context: Despite the very difficult economic environment in 2009, Qioptiq
was able to increase its sales over those of 2008 by two percent at constant
exchange rates.  Sales were close to US$ 400 million. Order intakes were
significantly above that level and the book-to-bill ratio for 2010 is close to 1.2.
In addition, Qioptiq maintained profitability at a similar level to 2008 and is
strongly cash-generative at the operating level.

Note for media:
High-resolution files of Qioptiq’s new logo are available upon request, as are images of new Chairman and CEO, Fredrik Arp, and other supporting images from the company’s photo library.

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