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Qioptiq launches several new machine vision products at VISION 2010 fair in Germany

At the VISION International Trade Fair for Machine Vision, Qioptiq launched three new products: inspec.x L 4.0/105 3.5x with Correction for Beam Splitter Prism,  MeVis CF 25mm and Apo Rodagon HR 0.5x

November 11, 2010

Qioptiq's industrial manufacturing market sector experts were at the at the Stuttgart Germany Messe Exhibition Center from November 9-11, 2010 at VISION, International Trade Fair for Machine Vision.

At the show, Qioptiq launched 3 new products:  

inspec.x L 4.0/105 3.5x with Correction for Beam Splitter Prism
When inspecting very small structures with high resolution, lighting plays a major role. At VISION 2010, Qioptiq introduced the inspec.x L 4.0/105 3.5x prism lens, ideal for use with coaxial reflected-light illumination.

What makes this lens special is its beam splitter prism, integrated into the optical design between object and lens. This effectively prevents degrading of the imaging quality by the addition of another glass element, and achieves the same diffraction-limited power as the variant without the prism.

The prism is not a part of the lens, but is positioned as desired between the object and the lens. The prism thickness should be between 10 mm and 15 mm. With higher optical magnifications than the widely used beam splitter plates, beam splitter prisms offer a distinct advantage in terms of the image quality that can be attained under 45°.

MeVis CF 25mm
At VISION 2010 Qioptiq introduced the first model in its new Linos MeVis CF series, with a focal length of 25 mm. As the name suggests, these new lenses are made with the same high-quality optics as the well-known MeVis C series. The difference is in the mechanics. With the new MeVis CF series, Qioptiq has set itself the goal of combining the tried and tested MeVis optical quality with a housing that permits the use of more rugged, smaller and economically priced lenses. The fixed aperture in the MeVis CF series is what enables all three features. Each focal length in the series is available in a number of variants, each with a different luminosity. Because the MeVis CF is made without an iris diaphragm, these are very rugged lenses with no moving parts.

The lens is focused with a fine pitch thread and fixed in position with a locking screw. The result is a lens that is equal to any industrial application, with an optical quality that surpasses all "megapixel lenses."  

Apo Rodagon HR 0.5x
The new Apo Rodagon HR series from LINOS was presented to the public for the first time at VISION 2010. With this completely new line of scan lenses, Qioptiq has undertaken to bridge the gap in long line sensors, between the high-performance lenses of the inspec.x L series and the popular Apo Rodagon D lenses. The first to come out in this new line is the Apo Rodagon HR 0.5x, offering a very high resolution at an attractive price. The resolution of this lens is perfectly adapted over its entire 62 mm image area to today's widely used 12k/5 µm line sensors.

The high-performance optics are enclosed in an extremely robust housing with no moving parts. The fixed F/5.6 aperture is what makes the lens rugged on the one hand, and on the other hand permits the comparatively low price. The Apo Rodagon HR 0.5x has a V-groove for connection to a wide variety of Qioptiq accessories, making it ultimately compatible with practically any industry camera on the market.

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