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LINOS to Rebrand as Qioptiq

One common identity for all subsidiaries in order to
serve customers better

January 26, 2010

LINOS, a member of the Qioptiq Group, today announced it is to rebrand as Qioptiq as part of Qioptiq’s overall strategy.

LINOS, which is currently operating under its own name and logo, will rebrand in line with Qioptiq’s overall branding strategy, which is part of a set of broader efforts to better serve the company’s customers and make it easier to do business with them.

The name of LINOS, however, will be retained as a product name, especially in the reputable field of its catalog products.

Qioptiq will be launching one new global website, which will see the entire LINOS portfolio of products and services represented on the site, not just to reflect one new, overall company style, but more importantly to make it easier for site visitors
to find what they are seeking.

LINOS CEO, Volker Brockmeyer, said: “Since becoming a member of the
Qioptiq Group in 2007, we have welcomed being part of a larger organization;
sharing common goals to better serve our clients. Our rebrand from LINOS to
Qioptiq is the next natural step for us to take and we look forward to the
prospect of truly becoming one company.”

Despite the very difficult economic environment, Qioptiq announced strong
numbers for FY 2009. Qioptiq was able to increase its sales over those of 2008
by two percent at constant exchange rates.

Sales were close to US$ 400 million. Order intakes were significantly above that
level and the book-to-bill ratio for 2010 is close to 1.2. In addition, Qioptiq
maintained profitability at a similar level to 2008 and is strongly cash-generative
at the operating level.

Note for media:
High-resolution files of Qioptiq’s new logo are available upon request, as are other supporting images from the company’s photo library.


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